Carpentry and Boutique at Nika Island Resort

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In this edition of Back of the Haus, we take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the carpentry and boutique at Nika Island Hotel. The carpenters have been at Nika for decades, though they were not always working with wood. As for the boutique, it houses a very special person who does fantastic things for guests. Read on.

Here’s the carpentry, where Nika’s furniture is made and repaired. This is part of the reason why Nika has such a personal feel to it, its furnishings are entirely made on site.

Ali Rasheed is one of the carpenters and he’s been with Nika for over fifteen years.
“I joined Nika as a boat captain,” he explains. “I like working with my hands, so carpentry was a natural fit.”
He’s been a carpenter for more than three years at Nika and has settled into his role. “I’m from Bodufulhadhoo, which is nearby, so I’m close to my home and family,” he says.

Hamid Abdulla accompanies Ali Rasheed at the workshop. Hamid dedicated himself to carpentry about four years ago. He’s been with Nika since the 80s, initially joining the team as a room attendant. He worked as a carpenter during the resort’s construction, and later, repaired boats while working as a room attendant.
“I do mostly repair work these days,” he says. “There’s always work that needs doing.”

Now we move on to the resort’s boutique. It’s a cosy little space packed with multicoloured fabrics and garments.

Here’s the resident tailor, Suresh Soosamariyan from Thiruvananthapuram, India.
“I’ve been in the Maldives for seventeen years,” he says. “I worked at Palm Beach Resort for over a decade. It’s just been a few months since I joined Nika.”
At the boutique, Suresh mends garments. He also makes clothes for guests; all they have to do is select their material and tell him how they want it done.