Tai Chi at Coco Bodu Hithi this summer

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Coco Collection is doing something really cool starting June for you wellness buffs. They’ve got a summer-long wellness residency programme forthcoming at Coco Bodu Hithi which includes Tai Chi. 

On June 27, 29 and on July 1, Tai Chi master Shanshan He will be hosting her classes on the property. She started out with Kung Fu at the tender age of seven, and is a dedicated Tai Chi sensei, encouraging students to find balance through this ancient art.  

“Wellness is about nourishing both your physical and mental self,” says Shafa Shabeer, director of marketing. “The ancient study and practice of Tai Chi is a wonderful way of achieving both as you carve out a moment for yourself. Tai Chi helps develop your physical strength and balance, while simultaneously teaching you the meditative art of breathing techniques.”  

Also on the programme is popular YouTuber, blogger and yogi Cat Meffan’s sunset yoga classes. They will be hosted earlier in June, on 13, 15 and 17. Meffan’s classes will bring a touch of frivolity and playfulness to this otherwise serious discipline. 

The programme is set to conclude with meditative yoga classes led by local yogi Shifana Mufeed. These two classes will be held on July 5 and 12. Shifana is an acclaimed personal trainer and fitness instructor who is deeply into yoga and her boutique yoga centre, Ayoga Fitness has made a huge splash in the Maldives.