From Anatolia with (food)lust at Coco Bodu Hithi

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Buckle your seatbelts everyone, something exciting is about to happen on our culinary landscape – Anatolian cuisine is coming to our archipelago for two splendid nights. Coco Collection is partnering with award-winning chef Colin Clague to make this happen. And on August 11th and 15th, guests at Coco Bodu Hithi will be in for a delight of Turkish proportions. 

On those dates, Chef Clague will be showcasing Anatolian fare, which has a rich and deep history. Those familiar with Turkish food will know the region as the birthplace of Turkish ravioli or manti.  

And expect the chef to add a local touch.  

Dinner will take place at the resort’s breezy over-water restaurant.  

Chef Clague is from the Isle of Man, and food and lifestyle website Savlafire reports his love-affair with food has much to do with his mother, a chef herself. Clague has been in the UAE since the opening of Burj-Al-Arab – he was part of the iconic property’s pre-opening team.  

So, without further ado, here’s what’s on the menu 

11th August Menu 

Amuse-bouche: Borek 

Filo-wrapped feta cheese with carrots, zucchini, & walnuts 

Pre-starter: Levrek 

Seabass sashimi with mustard, apple, and shaved radish 

Starter: Yer elmasi corbasi 

Jerusalem artichoke soup with smoked eggplant purée 

Seafood: Grilled Tiger Prawn 

Pickled fennel butter 

Main: 300-Day Grain Fed Beef 

Turkish coffee & isot rub and crispy za’atar potatoes 

Dessert: Firin Sutlaç 

Traditional Anatolian rice pudding with raspberries, rose ice cream, and lokum 

15th August Menu 

Amuse-bouche: Isli patlican 

Smoked eggplant purée with walnuts, crispy coated eggplant crisps 

Pre-starter: Tuna 

Raw tuna, antep pistachio purée, puffed Turkish chilli rice 

Starter: Lamb Manti 

Tomato, roast garlic, yoghurt, and thyme 

Seafood: Zeytinyagli ahtapot 

Marinated grilled octopus, black eyed beans, and apple vinaigrette 

Main: 24-Hour Slow Cooked Short Rib 

Turkish chilli BBQ glaze, spiced konya chickpea purée 

Dessert: Orange & Almond Revani 

Orange and almond cake with orange caramel, and fennel ice cream