It’s so easy with Al-Shaali Marine

4 mins read

What’s great about Al Shaali Marine Maldives (AS Marine) is that they know everything there’s to know about boats, about those vessels most crucial to the industry. You’re probably aware that they are a partnership between tourism trailblazers Coastline Pvt Ltd and the Dubai based Al Shaali Marine.

Though fairly new in the Maldives, AS Marine is a boatbuilding powerhouse in the Middle East. And this shows; AS Marine bagged more than a few accolades at the Maldives Boating Awards. Plus, the awards weren’t just for their boats but also for their dockyard, which won top honours successively in 2017 and 2018.

So, you know you can expect quality with AS Marine. They use excellent materials and are extremely careful when handling their crafts. “We use a boat hoist, a very specialised piece of machinery, to get our boats to sea,” says operations manager Ismail Shareef. Ordinary cranes just don’t cut it, Shareef believes vessels are too fragile for their ferocious grip.

If you need a boat, AS Marine’s selection covers everything a resort requires, from sturdy diving dhonis to speedy ferries to streamlined water sports crafts. But what if you’re looking for something that’s not on the catalogue? That’s fine, AS Marine can whip something up to your specifications. When AS Marine says custom-made, they really mean it. Want just a hull? That’s OK, too. And, you get a very good deal; they offer a defects warranty for up to a year.

But you don’t have to have an AS Marine vessel to seek their help. If your boat needs a little maintenance, this is the place to go. Unlike others, AS Marine gives you a complete spectrum of services; they’re not just engine experts, they can help you refurbish your vessel, do the upholstery, the livery, fix your engine, well, you get the picture. “If it’s about a boat, no thing is too big or too small for us,” says Shareef. “If there’s any way we can help, we will.”

You can trust AS Marine to be on top of things. They’re always analysing the market, finding gaps and figuring out how to fill them in. They have an extensive product range but this doesn’t stop them from constantly innovating and making new products.

Plus, they offer flexible rates and are very reasonable with terms, not just with existing customers but prospective ones as well. Shareef believes customers are like family, and he’s always ready to welcome more into the fold.

So, it should be very clear. If you need a boat, be it a speedboat, passenger ferry, a recreational craft or something custom-made go with AS Marine. If you simply need some maintenance or spare parts, it’s AS Marine that you’re after. They are more than just boat-builders, they know the business through and through. Let them do the work while you take it easy.