Calling all barefoot booksellers – Soneva Fushi needs you

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Soneva Fushi is known to push the envelope, the property does clever things with waste, grows organic stuff, in short, the resort’s a little nerdy like its English Literature graduate founder Sonu Shivdasani. 

Like last year, Soneva Fushi has a temp job as a barefoot bookseller in association with Ultimate Library, a book collection company that provides bespoke services to hotels and resorts.  

The bookshop is to pop-up in October, and the lucky bookstore attendant will get to spend time on a beautiful luxury resort in the Maldives’ first and as yet only biosphere reserve. 

The successful candidate is to help guests with all their literary needs and is expected to recommend reading material and host workshops. Lonely Planet says the ideal candidate will be knowledgeable of and passionate about literature, have excellent communication skills, and able to write a blog about their experience.  

Deadline for applications is September 1 this year, so take note.  

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