Amilla Fushi to welcome award winning vegan food designer Tora Olsson

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Amilla Fushi is set to welcome the award-winning Swedish chef and founder of Tora Flora Food, Tora Olsson in October.  

“From 22nd October to 7 November, the gastronomic artist will bring together science, art and a pinch of madness to create an exclusive lunch experience at the resort’s Wellness Cafe’, combining organic plant-based ingredients with a touch of molecular gastronomy and an aesthete’e finesse,” the resort said in a press statement. 

“Working with Amilla’s talented team of chefs, Tora will be reimagining the lunch menu at the resort’s energising Wellness Cafe’ at Java Spa to serve up creative dishes centered on balancing wellness of the body and mind with nutritious plant-based food inspired by the resort’s surroundings.” 

Professionally known as Tora Flora, the chef promises to deliver a memorable experience for diners. With a bachelor’s degree in gastronomy and a master’s in food and meal science, Olsson experiments with unusual flavour combinations and cooking techniques to create beautiful dishes that aren’t just salads. The chef also aims to cleanse diners’ palates of any preconceptions about plant-based food.  

The resort mentions many of Olsson’s flavourful creations will become permanent fixtures on the Wellness Café’s lunch menu, complimenting Javvu Spa’s renowned treatments to offer a nurturing wellness journey for its guests. 

On selected nights, the chef will also host a molecular vegan experience through a seven-course tasting menu for up to 30 guests at the resort’s beachside foodie hub, Baazaar. Each dish promises to present a whole new experience for diners with an emphasis on the senses; exploring the story behind the ingredients, texture, taste, appearance, and season. 

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