Park Hyatt Hadahaa

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This time, we take a peek behind the scenes at Park Hyatt Hadahaa and observe some of their environmentally sound features. Right from the start, Hadahaa attempted to preserve the island’s nature, taking its environment into serious consideration during design. Though they haven’t been very vocal, Hadahaa has taken up a number of green initiatives as you will see.

These specialised pieces of machinery cool the water villas’ interior using a coil that’s submerged in the sea. Also, the heat energy from the outdoor AC units is used to provide villas with hot water.

Waste water from drains is collected in four large tanks like this where it’s treated so there’s no bacteria (and no colour or smell). Each tank can hold 14,000 litres. Treated water is then used in toilets in the staff quarters and for irrigation.

Heat from generators here goes through a heat recovery system (the piece of blue machinery) which warms up water for the villas. Through recycling heat for hot water and using the sea to cool villas, the resort saves some 2500-3000 litres of fuel per month.

And here, the resort produces all the bottled water it needs, about 400 bottles per day. The water goes through an extensive filtering process and is then treated with ultraviolet rays before emerging from the tap.

Plastic pollution is a menace and Hadahaa has come up with these cute little coffee capsules to combat it. What’s special about them? They feel like plastic but they’re made completely out of plant fibre.

Hadahaa is also transitioning into environmentally friendly LED lights. At present, 80 per cent of their villas’ lights are LED, while these lights make up almost a hundred per cent of their landscaping lighting. In the next two years, the plan is for the whole resort to be lit up in LED.