Three of our favourite wellness spots in the Maldives

3 mins read

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a visit to the spa is mandatory while on vacay in the beautiful Maldives. And there’s a gamut of goodness to choose from. We’ve done a little curating and picked out three of our favourites from the places we’ve been so far. So, without further ado… 

COMO Shambhala Retreat, COMO Cocoa Island

What we really like, apart from the convenience of the resort being just a hop across the ocean from Male, is that they’ve devoted most of the island to this retreat. Singaporean billionaire Mrs. Ong, owner of the COMO brand, is an avid wellness practitioner, and it shows. The spa complex is beautiful, housing a hydrotherapy pool, a reading room and of course, treatment rooms nestled in the island’s lush foliage. Spa aficionados can choose a “wellness path” that draws on ancient Asian traditions that take nutrition into consideration. Shambhala means a place of bliss in Sanskrit and we feel it is very apt. Visit: for details. 

Javvu Spa, Amilla Fushi  

Set in Amilla’s jungle-esque surroundings Javvu is a great place to unwind, they welcome visitors even those who aren’t after a massage. But for others looking for some pampering, Javvu has practically everything you can ask for: a steam and sauna room, private treatment pods, a nail salon, and more. The spa offers a mix of Asian and Western treatments, you’re spoilt for choice. But whatever you choose, you’ll be certain that you’ll leave a different (and happier) person. Check out: for more deets. 

Spa, Six Senses Laamu 

With a name like Six Senses, you can be forgiven for having high expectations of their spa experience. And trust us, it doesn’t disappoint. Some treatment rooms are set in the garden, others nest in the canopy. And during our visit, all we heard were the sounds of nature, susurrating palms, the clicks of geckos and the rolling surf beyond. They have extensive wellness journeys for those who want a deeper experience. Have a look at for more info.