XCOPS Security Services & Solutions

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XCOPS Security Services & Solutions is the only next-generation professional security service provider in the Maldives, offering an extensive line of professional security services and solutions, especially for the tourism industry. 

Armed with over 20 years of combined military and police experience, they are a highly-motivated and qualified team of professionals with a focus to build a reputation for having unmatched security solutions. 

XCOPS was formed by an ex-soldier and law enforcement professional highly trained in law enforcement strategies and military operations. His certifications range from anti-terror to asset and personal security. The company recognises the importance of providing a professional security and safety solution to the tourism industry and other industries that support our economy.

The company was formed to enhance the quality of life of its clients, by setting standards of excellence in providing professional security and risk control services while committing to its core values and practicing what is in its DNA: professionalism, honesty, passion, teamwork, and development.

The company’s services extend to security consultancy and risk management, the development of security policies and procedures, master plans, security packages, standardising security design, security systems design, review and engineering, residential security assessments, ad hoc security consultancy services, business continuity and crisis response.

XCOPS is the preferred security partner of International SOS & Control Risks for the Southeast Asian region for eight consecutive years. It has worked with international security and investigation firms such as Pinkerton and Control Risks in different platforms. It is also the country’s first security firm that serves its clients with a strong liability insurance policy.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has extended its services to several top players in the hospitality industry. XCOPS employs over 78 trained staff who are committed to protect, serve, and save lives. Following recruitment and medical check-ups, the security staff receive extensive training that include security duties, life and rescue training, firefighting, emergency first responder training, and unarmed combat for self-defence. The company also has a specialist operations team (SOT), which reacts to and provides support in emergencies in hostile environments. They are also trained to give first aid and learn life-saving techniques. 

For currently operating resorts and hotels, the security staff are trained every day on the job along with patrolling and security duties. The company also works with the clients’ security departments to ensure that guests are informed of weather conditions with a weather board and draws up evacuation procedures and maps with emergency evacuation points to inform guests.

The company also goes the extra mile with establishing seaplane and ferry security that travels between resort islands, aspects often overlooked at most resorts. They also stress the importance of checking bags and packages to ensure that all such items that arrive at the island are thoroughly checked. Persons are frisked with the help of handheld scanners. Every single detail is followed for everyone, ensuring risk is minimised. There are no ‘untouchables’ when it comes to the safety and security of XCOPS’s clients.

Another important factor that is often ignored is informing and training the resort staff for emergencies and evacuation procedures. XCOPS ensures that the staff who have the most interaction with guests, such as butlers, room attendants, and waiters are well-informed and trained along with security officers to ensure a streamlined process when it comes to emergencies and evacuations.

Preparing its clients for natural and man-made disasters and incidents such as tsunamis, fire hazards, medical emergencies, and ensuring that guests and employees are safe from threats such as theft, sexual harassment, drug abuse, employee disputes, are a priority for the company. However, XCOPS recognises the importance of taking measures to avoid and minimise any incidents, because they believe that businesses will benefit from these preventative measures in the long run by avoiding the cost of dealing with the consequences of such incidents. This is reflected in their ethos as well: “Only the wise strive for security. Ensure you’re secure.”

The company’s services also extend to the marine security sector of the industry. As the industry expands and increasing numbers of luxury yachts attract tourists every year, ensuring the safety of guests and protecting their valuables are of utmost importance. Vessels are vulnerable to robbers, hijackers, and terrorists. Being surrounded by the deep sea, guests are also vulnerable to accidents and incidents such as drowning. 

XCOPS team members are highly experienced and qualified former coast guards, military and law enforcement personnel. Each member is trained to handle any hostile situation. Crew training and security plans have proven sufficient in most cases when it comes to vessels, but it is wiser to be safe than sorry. Therefore, the company’s services include providing specified training through sessions and drills along with preparing the vessel to counter against a potential piracy threat. The company also advises the captain on anti-piracy measures and come up with theft-defence tactics tailored to the vessels’ specific features. This is done by collecting information, and by analysing the situation and assessing the threat level to ensure that the surveillance systems are adjusted accordingly. By adhering to the industry’s security guidelines, surprises can be avoided and in turn, the crew, its guests and the vessel are protected.

Services in the marine sector include providing marine security officers and maritime liaison officers, maritime security consultancy, fleet management, crisis response, dock security services, close protection, superyacht 24/7 surveillance, project management for new builds, maritime security training, lifeguards, and rescue diving.

XCOPS’s services extend beyond the tourism industry as well. The company offers industrial and corporate services such as protective security, compliance investigation, financial asset investigation, business control surveys, specialised investigations, insurance support, security and safety systems and technological services.

The company has its security teams in seven luxury resorts at the moment. Instead of having a large portfolio over the years, the company has maintained its focus on providing a holistic service to clients by ensuring the standards are maintained over the years. Its staff based in resorts regularly save guests from drowning, and other incidents. 

For XCOPS, it is an honour to protect and save lives.