Excitement your way comes in Feb at Soneva Jani

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Courtesy of Soneva Jani

Buckle up, or maybe let your hair down instead, because Soneva Jani has some fantastic stuff lined up for you this February.  

Wellness expert Roger Moore will be in residence at the resort on selected dates in February. Moore was deemed worthy of following around the globe by Tatler so you know your wellbeing is not in the hands of some middling guru. No, it’s Roger Moore, people. 

Also, in Feb, restauranteur Claus Meyer is going to Scandinivify everyone’s palates at Soneva Jani. He’s known as pioneer in the culinary realm and has been dubbed the ‘father of New Nordic Cuisine.’ Along with the extraordinary Rene Redzepi, he co-founded the now legendary Noma in Denmark.  

Meanwhile, resident fitness expert Mark will help you start your day by getting the old blood pumping and if you like to serve, a one-on-one with Coach Milis might help you hone your skills with the racquet. 

You’re also going to love exploring the lagoon on the Seabob, it’s fast and silent and lets you creep up on underwater critters on the sly.  

We guess it’s pretty obvious by now that Feb is the month for Soneva Jani. The magnificent villas notwithstanding, there’s so much to draw you to this ultra-luxe resort with an eco-friendly heart.