SIBCO introduces Al Badia Coconut Milk Powder to the Maldives

2 mins read

Quality and convenience are the essential features of any product especially in the food industry given today’s demands. On top of this, the product has to be affordable. SIBCO, a renowned trading company in the Maldives, has introduced its newest Product: Al Badia coconut milk powder to the country. Al Badia coconut milk powder is made with a very fine, high-quality coconut milk, perfect to use in a variety of cuisines both at home and catering industry. It easily dilutes with water and gives presents great taste and aroma.

SIBCO’s Manager Marketing and Communications, Haanee Naeem said that
“Al Badia coconut milk powder is manufactured from the best quality Malaysia coconut milk, hygienically processed and spray dried to the consistency of a fine powder. The product is natural as it contains no preservatives and it’s cholesterol free”. He further added that Al Badia coconut milk powder meets today’s lifestyle demand for being a premium product that is affordable and convenient to prepare by simply dissolving in water to the desired taste.

Al Badia coconut milk powder is a product of Malaysia which is widely distributed and popular in the middle-east and gulf countries. The product is available in two sizes; 300 grams and 1kg.

SIBCO is the authorized distributor for renowned brands and products such as Al Mudhish Instant Whole Milk Powder, Al Mudhish Tomato Paste, Falak Basmati Rice, MamyPoko Pants baby diapers, Duracell batteries, Goodday UHT Milk, Tetley Tea and Wonda Coffee.