Corals aplenty on Summer Island’s 3D-printed reef

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Amid another soul-debilitating lockdown period, you may be happy to know that at least the corals are doing very well for themselves on Summer Island’s 3D printed reef!

The increase in corals was noticed by the resort’s dive team earlier this month.

And this is no ordinary 3D structure – it is a Guiness World Record holding reef for the largest of its kind. It was installed in August 2018.

Dive base leader Arjan Sierink took photos of corals that last year were little fragments but had now blown up to the size of a football.

The original fragments didn’t care too much for the reef. But, ]suggested Alex Goad of this reef’s creator, Reef Design Lab, maybe the reef structure needed some time under water for the corals to consider it a possible home, 

An Australian company based in Melbourne, Reef Design Lab specialises in new tech such as 3D printing to create natural structures to aid the growth of reefs and mangroves. The company plans a return to Summer Island next year for more 3D printed stuff below the waves.