Introducing Makers’ Place by Soneva Fushi

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This time around, Soneva Fushi is going to deal with the waste of soft drinks via Makers’ Place – a fully carbon neutral island studio.

The studio was built by collabing with British artist Alexander James Hamilton, who founded the Distil Ennui Studio. A multi-disciplinary artist who works with several mediums including sculpture, film, lighting and installation, Alexander has been a sustainability advocate for more than 35 years.

Makers’ Place has custom-built machinery and processes ideal for an island setting.

In the first three days alone, the studio processed 15,000 aluminium cans. 

The facility will invite guests and artists to explore their creative side, and engage with the community at large through Soneva’s Namoona initiative.

“Every piece of single-use material that is not recycled is exponentially adding to the problem of global warming that we are all facing today,” says Hamilton. “Here in the Maldives we are 1,600 km from the nearest landfall, and it is so sad to quantify that a large proportion of single-use packaging that is brought here has no tangible end-of-life or re-use.”

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