The InterContinental Maldives

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The InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort may be a newcomer but the hotel is already making waves with its commitment to protect the environment. The resort lies in a potential manta breeding ground and is working closely with the Manta Trust and the EPA to safeguard and preserve this habitat. On top of this, they are also engaged in sustainable practices behind the scenes. Let’s take a closer look.

For starters, the resort is slowly transitioning to solar power. PV panels cover the roofs of back of house buildings and they have a total capacity of 686 kilowatts. On a day like this, which is a bit cloudy, the panels generate about 20% of the resort’s 880 kW demand. Plus, the resort has plans to expand its renewable energy resources with its sunny partner SwimSol Maldives.

This man is really crushing it with a glass crusher. The machine takes regular old glass and turns it into a substance like sand which is used in flooring and concrete mixes at the resort.

It takes some work to work this wood shredder. This mechanical beast can chew through 500 kilos of raw plant matter in just two hours, producing material for landscaping and nourishing plants.

The resort also has greywater and blackwater systems in place. Greywater from the back of house buildings (including the laundry) is collected, treated, and used for irrigation.

Meanwhile, blackwater, which includes waste from guest bathrooms, is also stored and treated so it can be reused in fire hydrants and fire-fighting systems.

The heat exchangers at the resort are true eco-warriors. By capturing and using the excess heat from the green generators here, they warm up water for use in BOH buildings, including the laundry and even some guest areas, making the resort more sustainable and efficient.