Atmosphere unveils new corporate identity, new brand

3 mins read
Image courtesy of Atmosphere Kanifushi

Atmosphere Core, a new identity for the registered company Atmosphere Core Private Limited, has unveiled its third brand – Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts. Complementing the brand launch is the announcement of the new company name — Atmosphere Core. 

Atmosphere Core includes three distinct brands, THE OZEN COLLECTION, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, and COLOURS OF OBLU. 

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts paves the way for refreshingly different destinations in South Asia while also blending in the company’s footprint in the Maldives, the company said.

“The Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts brand will always be renowned for its big heart and a vision to create novel and memorable experiences for guests through every property. There will always be something new to unwrap; with an enriching experience awaiting to be discovered every time, while keeping authenticity as the brandʹs North Star, as its compass,” the company said. 

Atmosphere Core has an aggressive pipeline for future development across India, with OZEN MANSION KOLKATA opening in Q1 2024 and key signings to be announced soon as the company paves its way for a strong presence in the region.

“As a company, we are always evolving and innovating. Within 10 years, we have launched 8 resorts in the Maldives, said Salil Panigrahi, Managing Director of Atmosphere Core.

“Our new brand, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts offers an abundance of choices both for travellers as well as property owners. And I am confident that with this enhanced Power Of Portfolio, we will accelerate our growth with 20 properties opening in the next 2 years.”

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts brand achieves this rich diversity of experiences through seven well-defined sub-brand options giving property owners maximum flexibility while leveraging world class, turnkey solutions. 

  • ATMOSPHERE offers a classic luxury experience highlighting the individuality of each resort. The current portfolio includes Atmosphere Kanifushi.
  • BY ATMOSPHERE offers a charming getaway with heart-warming hospitality. The current portfolio includes VARU By Atmosphere. 

The AH&R sub-brand portfolio also includes AN ATMOSPHERE EXPERIENCE that will weave local culture and natural surroundings into the design, A SIGNATURE ATMOSPHERE for an enriching and elegant stay in iconic properties, and ELEMENTS OF NATURE BY ATMOSPHERE for tranquil wellness retreats. A conversion sub-brand, HERITAGE BY ATMOSPHERE will curate historical properties – from ancient havelis to colonial bungalows. AN URBAN ATMOSPHERE will feature authentic hotels and resorts located in the heart of the city.