Unilever unveils ‘Chefs Table’ in Maldives

2 mins read

Unilever Food Solutions has launched ‘Chefs Table’ in the Maldives, a knowledge sharing initiative that seeks to bring together local chefs and revolutionise the Maldivian culinary landscape. 

Organised in collaboration with International Food Solution (IFS), the inaugural edition of the annual event took place at the Kurumba resort on 26 October with the brightest lights and influencers in the local culinary community.

“Chefs Table is a new initiative that we have created to bring together chef communities in Maldives. We aim to provide a platform for leading on-trend chefs in the Maldives region to share their insights, experiences, and expertise with the broader chef community,” said Hadia Shahdad, Marketing Manager for Arabia and Indian Ocean Islands at Unilever Food Solutions.

A panel discussion with four members of the ‘Chefs Table’ committee took place during the event with the renowned chefs recounting challenges faced in their careers and offering ideas for training novices and staying abreast of the latest trends in the industry.  

The illuminating discussion was followed by the unveiling of Unilever’s highly-anticipated ‘Future Menus Trends Report 2023,’ a compendium of emerging trends, cutting-edge recipes, innovative techniques and exciting new products.

Before the inaugural edition concluded, guests were offered a chance to explore three emerging trends – Low Waste, Flavor Contrast, and New Sharing – with an assortment of delectable dishes.

“Incorporating low waste in the kitchen can be one of the most challenging trends, as it demands chefs to invest more time and discipline in researching, experimenting, and educating our teams to develop a whole new approach to our usual practices,” explained Joanne Limoanco Gendrano, Executive Chef of Unilever Food Solutions for Arabia and the Indian Ocean islands.

Unilever hopes ‘Chefs Table’ would foster culinary innovation and the exchange of ideas and techniques among the local community of chefs.

“This is just the beginning of the journey. We hope to have more events, both offline and online, on our digital platforms. ‘Chefs Table’ is our way of uniting the Maldives’ chef community,” said Hadia Shahdad, expressing her excitement for the future of the annual event.