Patina Maldives announces new sustainability initiatives and updates

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Patina Maldives, a resort dedicated to eco-conscious operations, has recently achieved the EarthCheck Silver Certification. The certification is in recognition of their commitment to persistent sustainability practices. Renowned conceptual artist and environmental activist Pamela Longobardi, also installed her latest art piece “Ocean Archaeology of Our Time” at Patina Maldives, as a testament to their conservation efforts. 

The resort’s sustainability initiatives include zero-waste kitchens utilizing an on-site garden, bio-digesters, and a modern plant based restaurant concept. Patina also invests in green energy and plans to increase solar panels to cover 50% of its energy needs by 2024. 

Additionally, the Patina lifestyle application has been upgraded to include new features. A comprehensive flyer is now integrated into the app, that details a list of 78 species of marine wildlife. The curated guide offers insights into the rich biodiversity thriving within our waters.

Guests are also encouraged to participate in hands-on ceramic hand-building sessions to create plates used by the resort’s marine biologists in their restoration projects. Since the inception of the project last year, 70 coral frames, 360 ceramic structures and 2,300 coral fragments have been installed in the house reef. 

Patina also teamed up with 176 participants to remove 315.4 kg of waste, including 1000 kg of dead corals and other debris. Their recent island cleaning with the Capella leadership team yielded 39 kg of plastics, emphasizing the need for proactive cleaning measures in sustaining our environment.