Patina Maldives launches Ocean pearl, their new submarine, in collaboration with Dive Butler International

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Patina Maldives, with Dive Butler International, introduces a two-person submarine to the resort’s portfolio of activities that contribute to environmental protection and marine biology projects across the Maldives and the surrounding region. The resort has also partnered with Dive Butler to establish the first submarine pilot training facility in the Maldives. Additionally, exploratory expeditions in the Ocean Pearl will be included in the experiences the resort has to offer to its guests.

Ocean Pearl was engineered by the world-renowned SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation. SEAmagine was established in 1995 and recognized for its leadership in the recreational submarine industry. Today, their submersibles have accumulated over 12,000 dives, surpassing the total number of dives accumulated by all of its competitors combined. Their submarines are used by various leisure, commercial, defense and scientific organizations around the world.

Patina Maldives will be operating Ocean Pearl with the submarine pilots of Dive Butler, all of whom have completed SEAmagine’s training programs. Every expedition is led by an on-board pilot and a surface co-pilot, ensuring guests’ safety and an educational experience of marine life. The submarine offers a 360 degree cabin view and can be safely piloted up close to reefs.

Guests can also participate in immersive activities under the sea, contributing directly to the preservation of the marine ecosystem. Under the guidance of marine biologists and environmental experts, guests can engage in data collection and documentation, aiding ongoing research efforts. By contributing to marine biology projects, guests become part of a vital collective effort to understand and preserve our delicate marine ecosystem. 

“With the launch of Ocean Pearl, we invite all adventure-seekers, marine enthusiasts, and travelers to embark with us on an extraordinary and immersive journey into the wonders that await below the surface. Whether it’s exploring vibrant coral reefs, actively participating in marine conservation efforts, or simply reveling in the sheer beauty of the ocean, Ocean Pearl promises to deliver unforgettable memories and a profound sense of connection to our planet’s most treasured aquatic ecosystems.” said Antonio Saponara, the General Manager of Patina Maldives.

“We would like to express our profound gratitude to Pontiac Land for their innovative approach to tourism, and to our partners Dorado Legacy, Aston Investment Group, and Immerse Submarine Piloting for their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and expanding this project’s impact beyond leisure into marine conservation. Becoming the first-of-its-kind facility to provide submersible pilot training and offer private submarine dives could only be achieved through a mindful collaboration and unwavering pursuit of excellence.” added Alexis Vincent, the Founder of Dive Butler International.