Maldivian to operate a wide-body aircraft for direct flights to major tourist hotspots

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A wide-body aircraft operation is in the works to enable nonstop direct flights from “Maldivian”, the national airline, to select tourist destinations.

At present, 48 percent of tourists travel to Maldives through connecting flights, as there are no direct flights from the countries with the highest number of visitors to the Maldives. The majority of European tourists to the Maldives arrive through Middle Eastern connecting flights.

“Maldivian” will offer nonstop direct flights to select regions of China, Europe, and South Africa. As the Maldivian tourist market is predominantly Chinese, their destinations have been identified as the top priorities of the project. 

Once the flights to these regions begin, there will be a minimum of two or three weekly direct flights between them and the Maldives.