JOALI BEING introduces it’s spa brand, JOALI BEING Cure

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JOALI BEING launches its spa brand JOALI BEING Cure, which embodies the “weightlessness”’ philosophy of the first exclusive wellbeing island in the Maldives. The spa is designed around their signature Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. 

With the introduction of the programme, the spa at JOALI Maldives will be rebranded as JOALI BEING Cure. An exclusive and personalized line of amenities will exist under the brand name. From signature massages, specialized treatments, and JOALI BEING’s network of visiting experts, the spa will offer multitudes of wellness experiences.

“We are excited to introduce JOALI BEING Cure at JOALI Maldives, bringing a piece of weightlessness to the Island of Joy as well”, said Magdy Abdelaty, Global Director of Wellness & Spa. “This new spa brand is a true reflection of our commitment to providing unique and unparalleled luxury at our resort.” 

JOALI BEING Cure lays the foundation for JOALI Maldives’ plans to expand its spa experiences to more locations in the future.