JA Manafaru launches new Sunset Bar

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JA Manafaru opened the Veli Bar this week. The new bar was created in line with the resort’s focus on creations made from scratch. 

The bar’s cocktail menu was designed using produce from the gardens of JA Manafaru to create fresh flavors. The menu aligns with the resort’s zero food waste goals. 

Veli Bar is also home to the resort’s wellness lab creations. The team has created an array of tinctures to craft specialized bitters that suit individual cocktails. They also make chemical free natural tonic water the old-fashioned way, allowing them to create a sugar free version of this popular mixer. The team is also busily fermenting a range of beverages for the bar.

Keeping the resort’s sustainability goals in mind, the bar’s décor has been crafted with upcycled furniture and natural items found around the island, by the inhouse tradesmen . 

Veli Bar is located near the resort’s Subterranean Wine Cellar, still the deepest cellar found in the Maldives. It allows discerning visitors to sample labels from the extensive selection and choose their own bottles. 

The resort recently won the title of Best Maldivian Culinary Resort at the TTM awards.