Soneva Fushi announces Soul Festival dates

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Soneva Fushi will be hosting the SOUL Festival from October 9th to 13th 2024. The festival is an enriching exploration of health and wellness, with insightful panel discussions, engaging workshops and transformative experiences.

The festival is a platform for discussion and discovery into the ‘Future of Wellness’, led by renowned health and wellbeing experts. The festival will also include music, art and culture alongside wholesome, nourishing dining.

This year, the festival’s lineup includes internal medicine and endocrine physician Zach Bush, Professor of Clinical Stem Cell Research at Karolinska Institutet Katarina Le Blanc and physician, bestselling author and speaker Jeffrey Rediger, philosopher, writer and founder of The Emergence Network Bayo Akomolafe, spoken word artist, speaker and rights activist Richard Williams, author, peak performance expert and founder of the Flow Genome Project Jamie Wheal; and health and wellness cultivator and media personality Irina Sharma, and others.