Patina Maldives shares their recent conservation projects

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Patina Maldives, Fari Islands reveals the latest advancements in their journey towards perpetuity. The resort has consistently led in environmental stewardship, earning recognitions such as the prestigious EarthCheck Silver Certification. 

Through a collaborative effort with the Olive Ridley Project, the resort has identified and introduced seven unique individuals into the Olive Ridley Project’s turtle database. Seven Hawksbill turtles, a species that is listed as critically endangered, have been included in this identification effort. Turtle identification is done by photographing and analyzing the distinct patterns adorning both sides of their faces. This database will assist in fostering a deeper understanding of their behaviors and habitats.

Abandoned fishing gear in the oceans, known as Ghost Nets, that pose a significant threat to marine life, have been recovered and transformed into upcycled souvenirs, by the resort. Workshops led by the resident marine biologist, invites guests to participate in crafting bracelets from those nets and educate themselves on the devastating effects of ghost nets on marine ecosystems. Through the project, 2000 kg of ghost nets have been reclaimed, 157 workshops have been held, and over 450 bracelets have been crafted so far.

The resort’s coral restoration project utilized 62 frames, hosting over 4000 coral fragments and nurturing 12 fish species. Their Coral Ceramics Project utilizes ceramic structures, transforming discs into domes to enhance coral attachment. Their workshop engaged 926 guests, with 62 ceramic devices planted and 350 fired.

Patina Maldives is also committed to environmental stewardship through their community engagement efforts. With 14 island clean-ups and 3 ocean clean-ups, they have removed over 3416 kg of waste in 2023 alone, targeting 81% of plastics for removal.