Patina Maldives hosts Watsu expert, Junko Fujita for exclusive residency

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Patina Maldives announces the residency of Junko Fujita, a distinguished practitioner of Watsu therapy, from March 15th to April 15th 2024. Junko Fujita is from the Japanese island of Okinawa, a revered Blue Zone, celebrated for its longevity.

Junko Fujita epitomizes a legacy of healing, with over 14 years of immersive dedication to the art of Watsu. A combination of massages and stretches done in warm water, her methods of Watsu involve a fusion of traditional Japanese healing practices and contemporary therapeutic techniques.

Guests will also have the opportunity to experience Shiatsu and Acupuncture with Yuki Nisjikubo from May 15th to June 15th 2024.