Dr James Gilbert to conduct astronomy sessions at Soneva Fushi

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Soneva Fushi will be hosting Space Engineer, Astrophysicist and Inventor Dr James Gilbert, from 25th July to 10th August 2024, for exclusive astronomy-led sessions for guests. 

Dr Gilbert is known for his work on multiple new technologies for some of the world’s most complex scientific machines, including planet-finding telescopes on Earth and wildfire-fighting cameras in space. His career has spanned multiple technical disciplines including optics, photonics, electronics and robotics. He is currently leading the development of mission-critical electronics at Rocket Lab in New Zealand.

A passionate advocate of ‘blue sky’ research, Dr Gilbert has also led programs that take cutting-edge technologies out of the lab and apply them elsewhere to improve life on Earth. As a result, he is now an accomplished leader in academia and industry and loves to share stories that connect uncompromising technological achievements with the human condition.

Dr James has a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Oxford and has authored over 50 peer-reviewed astronomy and space technology publications. He was recently named Engineer of the Year 2023 and Researcher of the Year 2022 at the Australian Space Awards. He is a trusted authority on space technology with multiple interviews on Australian national media, and his TV documentary appearances have been broadcast worldwide on networks including ABC, BBC and Discovery Channel.