COMO Cocoa Island to host wellness practitioner Matteo Pasquali

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COMO Cocoa Island will be hosting wellness practitioner Matteo Pasquali for a residency from 19th October to 15th December 2024. 

Using his extensive experience in the fields of physiology and anatomy, Pasquali will deliver a range of wellness treatments designed to improve the body’s natural functionality, from aiding recovery from muscle strain and injury, to increasing joint mobility and eliminating stored stress.

Pasquali started his journey as a chef and nutritionist, moved on to study anatomy, physiology and massage in the United Kingdom, and then delved into a degree in Sport Traumatology in Italy. With his accumulated experience, Pasquali has created his own style of “Massoterapia”; a series of specialized treatments that work with the body’s natural physiology and help the body function optimally.