Lily Beach Resort & Spa appoints Laurent Driole as General Manager and Ali Arushad as Front Office Manager

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Lily Beach Resort & Spa makes some major appointments at their property with the promotion of Laurent Driole to the General Manager and Ali Arushad to the Front Office Manager.

Laurent was previously the resort manager of Lily Beach and comes from a Food and Beverage background. “Our ultimate goal remains to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, establishing Lily Beach as an emblem of exceptional hospitality and cherished memories. Together with our dedicated team, we are focused on elevating Lily Beach to new heights through meticulous planning and continuous guest feedback, while preserving its authentic Maldivian essence.” Laurent commented.

“Looking ahead, we are committed to enhancing guest satisfaction by introducing personalized offers tailored to their preferences, whether it’s diving, tennis, yoga, or indulging in highly skilled spa treatments. Furthermore, we are advancing our sustainability efforts and launching innovative projects that distinguish us in the Maldives hospitality sector.” he added.

Arushad, who also works closely with Laurent to boost in-resort sales and enhance guest experiences, initially began his career as a receptionist. He worked his way up the career ladder to where he is today. “Myself, along with my team, we continuously strive to enhance our guest experiences, providing unforgettable and high-quality experiences for them during their stay here,” Arushad said.