Nika Island Resort & Spa – Where Italian culture meets Maldivian heritage

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Nika Island Resort & Spa is a milestone of the hospitality industry of the country. The resort has been pioneering the concept of tourism for more than 30 years, instilling and spreading Italian culture in Ari Atoll. 

Nika’s journey began in 1983 when A.A. Kudafolhudhu turned into a resort. Since its inception the philosophy and values that shaped this unique boutique-hotel are the same: privacy, sophistication and nature.  

Nika Island Resort & Spa is the only island in the Maldives characterised by private beaches in every villa. 

A unique design and architecture characterise all 37 accommodation: 10 beach villas, 10 deluxe beach villas, 3 family beach villas, 3 family deluxe beach villas, 1 sultan suite and 10 water villas all face the stunning house reef and are surrounded by luxurious vegetation.

“Historically, our guests relied on Nika as the best platform to disconnect from the hectic lives of the big European cities,” explains Edo Caccin, external director at Nika. “VIPs, businessmen and politicians always appreciated the way we manage the concept of privacy here at Nika. Nobody will have access to your beach as it is surrounded by thick green walls of vegetation that ensure the privacy of all our guests.” 

All villas boast the traditional Maldivian architectural style: being one of the first hotels in the country, everything on Nika has been built using coral blocks, coconut wood and palm leaves.

A collection of antiques and unique Maldivian art adorn the interiors of all the villas. 

“We believe in aesthetics and culture,” says Edo.

“We consider Nika an ideal place where Italian traditions and culture meet the local heritage”. 

This unique feature makes the island an appealing destination for those seeking disconnection from the world and relaxation; it’s an ideal destination for honeymooners.

Nika successfully built its reputation within the European Market. “The high percentage of repeaters confirms the success of our vision and the quality of our service,” concludes Edo. 

Another strength of Nika is the restaurant: a wide selection of typical Italian and Mediterranean food characterises the menu. Early morning you will see the resident chef picking vegetables and other fresh ingredients from “Nika Garden”. These just-picked ingredients will be served during meals. 

The spa at Nika is another aspect enhancing the uniqueness of the property: The complex contains eight cottages connected with bridges over a pond filled with lilies and lotuses creating a magical environment, the perfect setting for an unforgettable massage.

The island is a perfect example of a boutique hotel that breaks from the dynamics of big international brands that are reshaping the Maldivian hospitality industry. Nika is a heady mix of Italian lifestyle, Maldivian traditions and natural beauty that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.