Back of the Haus – Kukulhu Village and Earth Lab at Six Senses Laamu

2 mins read

Today, we take a peek at some back of the house operations at Six Senses Laamu. They’re doing some clever things here, creating wealth from waste and running a little farm. It’s all part of the brand’s sustainable and organic ethos. Have a look and see what the resort does to keep the earth (and guests) happy.

Here’s the Kukulhu Village, home to almost three dozen fowls. The cage is fairly big so they’re not cooped up like in a kitchen coop.

Here’s Frans the rooster. He lives with his harem of wives and children. They’re fed food scraps from the staff kitchen and a mixture of animal feed, corn and grain. The grains help the chicken lay eggs, boosting productivity. 

Right now, Kukulhu Village produces between 50 to 70 eggs per week. They end up as farm-fresh egg hoppers and are featured in other dishes as well.

And now, the Earth Lab. It’s a brilliant place, and we don’t say this lightly. Several cool ideas abound here. 

Here is a lovely seedling at the earth lab. Along with others, it will be transported to the resort’s organic garden once they’ve achieved a degree of maturity. They are fed compost made from leftovers.

And here’s their pilot aquaculture project, whereby fish in a tank provide nutrients to the plants via their waste, and the plants, in turn, filter the water for the fish. A great example of a symbiotic relationship.

Glass is crushed here and turned back into sand (glass is essentially sand, if you remember your chemistry notes). And they’re made into beautiful things, like this table, the pot for the plant, and bricks for construction. Ingenious stuff.