Designer Ryuzo Nakata pops up at Huvafen Fushi

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Sapporo born fashion designer Ryuzo Nakata turned up at Huvafen Fushi Monday evening for the launch of his pop-up event on the island. 

At the cocktail reception that evening, Nakata displayed a collection of womenswear that included dresses that favoured sheer cloth and bold floral patterns.

Nakata himself was in a black shirt and jeans with flowery couture embellishments. Denim is a particular favourite of his and makes frequent appearances in the Paris based Nakata’s repertoire.

“The whole idea is that it’s couture, but denim is something completely different,” he says. “It’s two extremes that I mix and match. Embroidery isn’t normally associated with denim and that’s my approach.”

Nakata studied fashion design at a French academy in Japan prior to his move to Paris where he has lived and worked since the 80s. He kicked off his career at Claude Montana and then entered the world of couture becoming an assistant to the now retired French master Emmanuel Ungaro.

Paris is a constant source of inspiration for Nakata. 

“The very air itself makes me think, I soak up the atmosphere of Paris and that’s inspiration enough.”

And what did Nakata think of this slice of the Maldives? 

“J’adore,” he responded.   

Nakata’s pop-up event ends on the 15thof this month.