Ooredoo’s digital resort solution for OBLU Helengeli

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It used to be that resorts in the Maldives had switch networks with legacy systems that required a lot of maintenance, incurring huge costs for properties. This article first appeared in our print Issue No. 3.

That was the case at OBLU Helengeli as well, until Ooredoo stepped in and worked their magic.  

Today the resort has a multipurpose GPON network. What exactly is a GPON network you ask? Well, it’s a type of passive optical network (PON), similar to the fibre networks that connect you with your cable and internet providers. PONs, however, aren’t powered; they use unpowered fibre optic splitters to have a single optical fibre that serves multiple end-points or customers. Think rooms. It wasn’t so long ago that each room would have multiple cables for various services including telephone, internet and TV. Now, with a single fibre network, Ooredoo’s done a piece of modern day magic, eliminating all those wires and using just one optical fibre network for everything. 

Now for some features in detail. 

GPON OLT & ONU for Guest Rooms

Ooredoo’s GPON distribution to guest rooms from the core system were selected based on a triple play model to ensure one single device carries all required services to the guest. There’s a system in place to ensure the speed of the connection is maintained. 

All guest room equipment has a built-in WiFI system, IP and analogue phone support, gigabit ethernet ports and an IP/analogue TV system. To put it simply, it’s called a “triple-play” service.

PABX & Phone Connectivity

PABX (private automatic branch exchange) is a telephone switching system over ethernet and it’s based on customer requirement. At Helengeli, this system has been implemented integrating a variety of services to the system such as Internet Protocol (IP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and property management integration. 

Ooredoo identified phone units and technology based on customers’ input and provided the optimal mechanism ensuring the right technology is utilised. Also, they selected a PABX system based on future availability such as: 

   – Hybrid (IP and Analog) controlling systems at multiple locations 

   – Phased IP migration for IPV6 support equipment 

   – Legacy trunk adapter and migration support 

   – Built-in voicemail, fax & E-mail integration 

SIP Trunks and Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Along with the PABX solution, Ooredoo also has provided SIP connectivity to the property for external call activities as well as DID (direct inward dialling) facility. This way, the called always receives the caller’s unique CLI (caller ID). 


Ooredoo notes that wireless communication for the resort was ‘a real challenge’ and a key factor was to serve guests’ ‘digital thirst’. Bearing this in mind, Ooredoo implemented sensibly carved high performing WiFi devices in public areas to ensure everyone’s connected to the web. 

And as mentioned earlier, the company’s GPON ONU’s to the guest rooms with built-in WiFi ensures the digital requirement of the resort is met. 

Network Switches and Setup

Network switches were the core of the resort’s day-to-day operation. Ooredoo’s chosen switches are powerful enough to handle resort operations seamlessly.  

Along with the switching network, Ooredoo integrated a monitoring system to ensure the switches are healthy and they are monitored regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Internet Leased Line

Ooredoo was lucky to be the ISP (internet service provider) to the property and provides the resort exclusive internet connectivity ensuring a 24/7 connection to the internet. Ooredoo’s internet also features; 

   •Redundant internet paths to ensure seamless connectivity 

   •Direct peering with major international providers (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc) 

   •DDoS (direct-denial of service) protection and mitigation 

Since the cable network was deployed during the resort construction period, it was important to align the project’s timeline with the construction of the resort. The project was delivered on time with exceptional teamwork.