Michelin Star Chef Dominik Käppeler dazzles at Lily Beach

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Michelin Star chef Domink talks with press at Lily Beach

Michelin Star chef Dominik Käppeler showed off his skills at a dinner function at Lily Beach’s Aqua restaurant Thursday evening.

His stunning five-course menu featured variations on local ingredients including tuna and coconut.

Käppeler earned his Michelin star at 27 years. His Munich restaurant Showroom is known for rapid menu renewals.

“I don’t have any specials, I don’t like to stick to one thing,” said the 31-year old chef. “I like to play around constantly, that’s my style.”

He admires Chicago-based chef Grant Achatz and Spanish maestro Ferran Adria.

“Grant Achatz’s restaurant Alinea is really pushing boundaries,” he said. “Like they came up with an edible balloon filled with helium and made of green apple taffy.”

As for Ferran Adria, Käppeler believes he is decades ahead of what others are doing.

“He’s really going into the science behind it, experimenting with different flavour combinations and how they are relayed to your brain through your taste buds. It’s cutting edge stuff.”

Michael Weiser, CEO of Lily Hotels & Resorts, believes the quality of culinary offerings at the company’s properties will be enhanced through visiting star chefs like Käppeler.

Lily Beach’s sister property Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa made the news last month when French Michelin Star chef Jean Marc Boyer paid a visit and showcased his talents. The visiting chefs also work with in-house chefs to come up with new, exciting menu items.