Meraki Coffee Roasters

1 min read

For this edition, we take a look behind the scenes at Meraki’s roasting room. It’s not an easy task by any means, things need to be precise for a great roast as you will see.

First the beans are taken from the burlap sacks and weighed. Yes, coffee beans are green before they’re roasted.

Then they’re poured into the roasting machine, which utilises gas for the roasting procedure.

While the beans are in the roaster, their temperature and other details are monitored live and displayed on a screen. It takes between seven to twelve minutes to roast them here though different roasters prefer different times.

The beans change colour from green to yellow to cinnamon and finally brown. The roasted coffee beans taste just like the drink, only nuttier with undertones of other cool stuff that probably a discerning palate can list.

The roasted beans are then directed to a cooling tray where they stay for three minutes or so.

Then it’s time to weigh them and pack them away in cute little bags bearing the Meraki logo.