Fire Safety by Global Fire Services (GFS) at Hurawalhi Island Resort

2 mins read

This time, we take a look at a premium service provided by Global Fire Services (GFS) to their exclusive clients like Hurawalhi. GFS, a market leader in this segment, provides a fully mobile service where qualified personnel visit the site for inspections and servicing. The company’s 50 plus clients greatly value this service as it results in huge savings on time and effort.

First, extinguishers that need servicing are identified based on the most recent inspection report. This document tells the GFS team the condition of the extinguishers i.e. if their contents are expired or if they need servicing.

Once they are identified, the extinguishers are transported to the designated work site. This requires a bit of effort as the extinguishers may need to be collected from various locations around the island.

The extinguishers are then sorted by type. Those that need their contents replaced are emptied out.

The CO2 extinguishers are weighed to see if they possess the required content.

The extinguishers are checked for rust and paint chips. Rusty extinguishers are scoured. It’s a painstaking process but GFS cuts no corners.

Now, the extinguishers are painted and hung out to dry. The sanding process prior to the paint-job makes the extinguishers look brand new. Once the paint has dried, the extinguishers are refilled and if required, pressurised. Now, with proper maintenance, they’re good for another year. It’s all in a day’s work for GFS. Remember, your safety is their chief concern.