Stay connected in Maldives – so easy with Ooredoo’s eSIM

4 mins read

Swapping SIM cards on a plane is a real hassle. How many times must a card drop on the aisle and a member of the crew be summoned? While it may not be a huge deal for some, it’s still an annoyance that you need to put up with because that’s simply how things are. 

Not anymore. Rejoice travellers, Ooredoo has embraced the eSIM.  

“It’s something that’s going to replace our physical SIMs,” says Shunaan Zuhair, senior executive product marketing at Ooredoo. “What’s physical is becoming virtual and that’s what this is, essentially. With Ooredoo, you won’t be needing a physical SIM anymore. We’re offering a cloud-based, virtual SIM.” 

Only limited devices currently support this feature – Google Pixel 3 and 3XL, iPhone XS and XS Max. And while eSIMs are supported by networks in only about 30 countries, tech pundits predict the technology will become commonplace in the next few years. 

“If your phone supports eSIMs, all you need to do is visit our website, fill in some registration details and there you go! We will email you your eSIM as a QR code.” explains Shunaan. “You just need to scan the QR code, and begin installation which takes just a few seconds. Afterwards, it will be as if you’re using a physical SIM. You’ll get the same top-quality mobile services which we provide to all our customers in the Maldives” 

This is obviously great news for the 1.2 million tourists that visit our sunny shores. Before flying out, tourists can conveniently purchase their tourist eSIM and upon arrival they are connected to the best network in the Maldives.  

“We’re also trying to see if we can get the eSIM as an add-on when a tourist books a hotel or ticket to the Maldives,” adds Shunaan. “When they arrive, they won’t have to bother about being connected.” 

It’s not just travellers who’ll benefit – eSIMs could add value for travel agents as well, so, if you are interested, now’s a good time to reach out to Ooredoo.  

What about us locals, though? There are those who use two or three devices simultaneously and eSIMs can bring an end to their plight. They can have work, personal and other profiles all on the same phone. No more multiple devices, no more wallet full of sim cards. 

And it’s all very secure.  

“Like with physical SIMs, the eSIMs will be securely generated and provisioned over the air,” says Shunaan. “eSIMs will be issued to a customer’s valid email address and that’s the only point of contact we’ll have with them.” 

This is what tomorrow holds – of that we can be fairly certain. So, get on the wagon and be part of the future today with Ooredoo. 

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