Let Brother handle your labels

2 mins read

You are with a high-end resort in the Maldives and you’ve got a wealthy clientele. You want to show them that you’ve taken care of every last detail. Yes, down to the labels on the breakfast buffet. 

This is where Brother can help. They understand your needs very well – first impressions matter, but the second and third? That’s when you start noticing details. And this is where Brother has an advantage. Their printing technology ensures longevity while looking and feeling professional.  

Let’s look at the kitchen. It’s a place that needs precise labels. Brother’s pre-programmable machines (QL820) print out stickers indicating dates and times. It’s absolutely necessary to be mindful of expiry dates. And it’s not just the fish and meats, but you can label your own garden-grown herbs, too. 

For the kitchen, paper labels can suffice but a resort has many assets that require long-lasting labels. And this is where Brother’s laminated labels come in to the picture. You can expect Brother’s PT series printed labels to stick for years, come rain or sunshine.  

As for amenities, you want your products to reflect your brand and its ethos, right? Brother is happy to help you out here. Long-lasting, waterproof labels will let your visitors know what’s what and safeguards your brand identity.  

It doesn’t end here though. At the boutique, if a guest wants something for a special occasion, Brother’s latest printers can print out something special on ribbons. 

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