Blackwater diving at Six Senses Laamu

2 mins read

Six Senses Laamu’s dive centre Deep Blue Divers is going to present the atoll’s uniqueness in a new light – blackwater diving is going to be part of the programme here.

These dives take place in the open ocean with divers being guided by a string of LED lights attached to a vertical rope tethered to a floating buoy. 

These lights attract the ethereal deep sea dwellers, and if you’re lucky, you could be the first to spot a new species.

“We are very lucky to be some of the first divers to witness this in the Maldives. There is no specific area or special time of the night to do this dive. Ocean creatures we would never normally encounter are drawn from the depths and darkness to feed on zooplankton that are attracted to the lights,” Philippa Roe, one of the senior marine biologists working with the resort’s Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI) is quoted as saying.

“Expect the unexpected because most, if not all, of the discoveries you make on a blackwater dive will be new to you. If you are lucky, they may be new to science as well,” Marteyne van Well, general manager, is quoted in a statement by the resort. Marteyne is an avid diver herself and was among the first people to experience the blackwater dive in Laamu Atoll.

“No two blackwater dives are ever the same, even when going several nights in a row. And each dive yields unexpected new treasures for everyone from novices to the most experienced divers,” commented Sascha Janson, resident photo pro at Deep Blue Divers. 

Deep Blue Divers is a PADI Five Star dive center, and a proud Green Star awardee for its commitment to marine conservation.