Komaakoalhi Media introduces tourism employee award

2 mins read

Komaakoalhi Media Pvt Ltd has introduced the “Tourism Employee Award” to honour and appreciate those who work in the hospitality industry. The award is endorsed by Tourism Employees Association Maldives (TEAM). 

TEAM’s president Mauroof Zakir endorsed the award on behalf of the association at a ceremony held at Unimaa Grand last Thursday.

“Tourism is the Maldives’ largest industry and it has the greatest number of employees of any sector,” said Zakir. “So, it gives me a great pleasure to know their efforts will be recognised by an award, it’s a good start.”

Speaking on behalf of Komaakoalhi, Abdulla Mohamed (Abo) said the company decided to present this award because tourism is the country’s main industry and its employees needed recognition.

“The Maldives’ tourism industry is forty years old now and is a recognisable brand abroad,” he said. “But the efforts of those who work in the industry have yet to be properly recognised. We decided to introduce this award because we felt it was a necessary step in bringing to light the incredible work of the employees in the industry.”

The best employee will be selected and awarded in each main category of tourism. Categories and guidelines will be formulated soon and announced along with a judges’ panel. There will also be a signing ceremony with sponsors. 

“This is an award connected to the hopes of the Maldives’ largest industry and its greatest labour force,” said Abdulla Mohamed. “A lot of people were hoping for an award like this. And, god willing, we will present this award in connection with the International Workers’ Day this year.”