Aris Meeha is the new b-word at the Ritz-Carlton

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So, you’ve had your ‘island chief’, your ‘Man Friday’ and now there’s a new butler name about – ‘Aris Meeha’, the Ritz-Carlton Maldives Fari Islands’ contribution to the expanding hospitality lexicon.

Now, this is how the resort describes the role in a press release:

“Similar to a modern-day butler, Aris Meeha fulfils every detail of the life of a royal and considered to be the closest confidant much like a Gentleman’s gentleman or Lady in waiting or Gentlemen or Lady of the Chamber.”

Aris Meeha in Dhivehi implies closeness and high social rank or standing. The name ties in with the glitzy Ritz-Carlton brand who are ‘ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen’. 

Accessible by speedboat and seaplane, this North Male Atoll resort is part of the Fari Islands archipelago, made to enjoy a charming corner of our tropical idyll.