Soneva offers Workation opportunities

2 mins read

Soneva’s got something lined up for remote workers – a Workation offering, which guests can tailor to their needs and is valid across all the brand’s resorts. 

Guests can book in 14, 21 and 30-day stays, with discounts for those staying longer. Plus, the rates include transfers and meals for the whole family.

High-speed internet at all Soneva villas assures excellent connectivity and even faster ‘super-speed’ connections are available on request. 

At The Den(s), expansive children’s clubs at Soneva properties, children and teenagers can engage in fun-filled learning activities with new programmes being available every day. Soneva’s resident marine biologists, astronomers and permaculture specialists are at hand while regular complimentary workshops and private tutoring are available through Oppidan Education, a UK-based tutoring company that also preps children for their exams.

“Many of our guests are busy entrepreneurs who crave an escape from travel bans and lockdowns which hinder their lifestyles. Our Workation Offer is a chance for guests to regain some normalcy and freedom while not having to worry about being cut off from their work commitments back home. Soneva has always been like a ‘home away from home’ for our guests, and this is no exception! Now they can work from their Soneva ‘home’ for three or four weeks in the Maldives or Thailand and run their business from a luxury villa,” said Sonu Shivdasani, Soneva’s CEO and founder.

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