Jen looks to the Middle East this Ramadan

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Some good news, people – Hotel Jen has got a new Iftar menu lined up for Ramadan and it’s going to be a lot cheaper this time around.

For this year’s Iftar, Jen’s got a Middle Eastern theme going not only in its culinary offerings but also in décor. 

Hotel Insider was informed that local staples like hedhikaa and mashuni will be on the menu despite the Middle East twist on cuisine. 

“Us locals are starting to really get into Middle Eastern food and Jen wants to popularise it,” said Nina Mohamed who heads marketing at Jen. “It’s healthy and it will help people with their travels in the Middle East because, for one thing, they’ll be eating familiar food.” 

“Most of the ingredients are imported from the Middle East as well,” added Nina. “We really wanted to offer our diners a very warm and authentic experience.”

The chef behind Jen’s Mid-East offerings was trained in Shangri-La Abu Dhabi and Dubai so we expect great things from Jen.