New record for daily tourist arrivals to Maldives

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A new record was set with 7,098 tourists arriving in the Maldives on Sunday (26 December), the highest figure for a single day since the reopening of borders in July 2020.

In celebration of the milestone, the ministry of tourism congratulated all stakeholders for “for the engagement, contributions and support towards the Maldives tourism success story.”

The previous daily record was set on 18 December with 6,955 tourists.

After reaching one million tourists by the end of October – 70 percent of pre-pandemic arrivals – the Maldives is now on course to achieve the government’s optimistic target of 1.3 million visitors in 2021. Bed nights have surpassed 2019 levels as the average duration of stay has increased from six to nine days.

More than 1.2 million tourist arrivals were recorded as of 22 December. Indian tourists represented the largest market share with 286,434 arrivals, followed by Russian (214,232), German (90,732), British (58,514) and American (54,220) holidaymakers.

As of last week, the operational capacity of tourist establishments stood at 161 resorts (38,182 beds), 612 hotels and guesthouses (11,924 beds) and 143 safari vessels (2,816 beds).