Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

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Emerald Maldives is a stunning resort in the up-and-coming Raa Atoll where quite a few gems such as Joali Maldives and The Standard Huruvalhi have also set up shop. Being in a beautiful atoll like Raa means there are some heavy environmental responsibilities on resorts that call the atoll their home. In this edition of Back of the Haus, we look at what Emerald Maldives does behind the scenes.

All villas have a solar powered water heating system that heats up to 300 litres of water a day. This means big savings on diesel for the resort. In fact, it amounts to more than $100,000 of diesel savings a year.

The in-room air-conditioning systems are super-sensitive, they will turn off automatically if the doors are open, saving electricity and of course the environment.

Waste water from the rooms collect here, pumped in from the substations in the resort. This facility can handle 200 tonnes per day. The water is sent off to another filtration system while the sludge is processed and made ready to be mixed with compost. Let’s take a closer look.

This is the control panel, manufactured by Seimens for T&D Water and Energy of Italy. If need be, the facility can be monitored and troubleshot remotely.

The filtration system uses carbon and sand filters. Waste water moves through these before going to a booster system, which does a final round of cleansing and then the water is ready to be used for irrigation. All the valves here work pneumatically.

Here is the waste management area, garbage that is not food waste is brought here to be processed. The cardboard is burnt in the incinerator. Waste glass is ground for reuse in concrete mixes and floor covering.