Radisson Blu Maldives builds first coral nursery

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The Radisson Blu Maldives has built the resort’s first coral nursery to help restore and conserve the island’s coral reef ecosystem.  

Together with its on-site dive and water sports centre, Ocean Group Maldives, the nursery was set up in in the middle of the island between the main restaurant and Crusoe’s Island, an area accessible for guests to swim or snorkel. The resort plans to offer guests the opportunity to adopt a coral line and receive updates until the matured corals are replanted in the reef.

“We started the coral restoration project in order to help recover some of the surrounding reef, utilising corals that are more resilient to environmental and anthropogenic stressors, to increase the chances of survival of our reefs,” explained Jessica Miller, the resort’s marine biologist, adding that her job is to “educate guests, study marine life, and help conserve the amazing marine ecosystem that the Maldives holds. I am starting from scratch in implementing various marine education and conservation projects.”

Jess has a weekly presentation for guests about the country’s spectacular marine biodiversity. Her sessions are accompanied with complimentary cocktails and canapés.

Radisson Blu’s other efforts to involve guests in cherishing and preserving marine life include the upcoming creation of a handbook and information plaques about the various type of fish and other marine animals that can be found in the lagoon and sea surrounding the resort.