Colour festival and art exhibition upcoming at Crossroads Maldives

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A ‘Festival of Colours’ and an art exhibition are among special events in March at the Crossroads Maldives multi-island leisure destination.

Due to take place from 4 pm to 1 am on 19 March at the Marina entertainment space, the colours festival will feature live music, DJs and an exclusive Indian dinner buffet.

Hosted at Marina’s new art space The Gallery, the ‘Fortress of Malé’ art exhibition will be open from 22 to 26 March with watercolour paintings by local artist Aminath Shimha Shakeeb that depict the Maldives capital and its old fortress wall in the 1800s. The illustrations are based on old photographs of Malé, 16th-century Portuguese maps, descriptions in an Arabic history of the Maldives written in the 1700s, and H.C.P Bell’s monograph on Maldivian history, archaeology and epigraphy.

It was very exciting to visualize Malé in 1800 based on the limited resources. As an artist who loves the Maldivian culture, I found this project very close to my heart and I knew I had to work on this no matter what,” said Shimha Shakeeb. “I knew this was something someone had to do at some point, and collaboration like this taught me to appreciate our history more. This is actually a new beginning to something good. I am very grateful to show part of our history in watercolour and to have made a contribution to Maldivian art history.”