Maldives ‘cabvertising’ campaign launched in Malaysia

2 mins read

A two-month ‘cabvertising’ campaign was launched in Malaysia on Thursday (17 March), seeking to promote the Maldives as a safe tourist destination for Malaysians.

Conducted by MyBump Media, a leading crowdsourced ad tech platform for transit outdoor media advertising in Malaysia, ads will be featured on 30 cabs that operate in prime locations such as the Kuala Lumpur City Center and the country’s international airport, targeting honeymooners and divers in particular, and creating greater awareness of guesthouses and affordable resort options.

“Another feature of the campaign is a blog write-up, and dedicated mails promoting Maldives will be sent out to the connections of MyBump Media. Maldives will also be advertised to all MyBump drivers through in-app messaging, while Maldives will be additionally mentioned on their Facebook and Instagram platforms,” according to the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation.

MyBump Media posts ads on cars by using genuine consumer-matching and demographic, geo-location and consumer behaviour data.

The cabvertising campaign is in line with the MMPRC’s strategy for the Southeast Asian market, “which is focused on ambient outdoor campaigns to strengthen Maldives brand in all major cities of the countries in this market, greater B2B contact with tour-operators and participation in major travel fairs and roadshows to cover all major cities.” 

After remaining closed for the most part since early 2020, Malaysia’s borders are now open for travel. The Maldives welcomed 1,194 Malaysian tourists during the first two months of 2022. Last year, the MMPRC conducted several social media, digital campaigns and other activities for the growing Malaysian market in order to maintain visibility and momentum. This included campaigns with TripZilla and Travel Weekly Asia.

Activities planned for the Southeast Asian market this year include campaigns with TripZilla, Hipwee, Apple Vacations and the Maldives E-Learning Programme as well as participation in the MATTA Fair, Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) and Thailand Dive Expo.