BBC explores sustainable tourism in Maldives

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Conservation efforts to protect the Maldives from climate change is the subject of a special episode of the BBC’s ‘Extreme Conservation’ due to air on 11 June.

In the first episode of the show, BBC wildlife and conservation presenter Michaela Strachan explores technology used to support coral reefs, mitigating the effects of land reclamation, and sustainable tourism practised by the country’s high-end resorts.

“I had such an amazing trip to the Maldives. This is a country that’s facing head on, the devastating effects of climate change. Effects that are very real and very immediate,” said Michaela Strachan.

“I met conservationists and scientists who are coming up with exciting and pioneering projects, creative minds that are thinking out of the box. It was incredibly inspiring to see bright individuals working together to come up with solutions. It really gave me hope for the future of these beautiful islands.”

The episode features Summer Island’s 3D printing of coral reefs and Soneva Fushi’s efforts to reduce the resort’s carbon footprint.

The Maldives episode will be showing on BBC World News at 09:30 and 21:30 BST on Saturday and 02:30 and 15:30 BST on Sunday (12 June).