Maldives Virtual Tour kicks off with free holidays on offer

2 mins read

The Maldives Virtual Tour kicked off on 1 July with a grand seaplane tour on offer for the winner of a lucky draw.

Billed as the largest virtual consumer travel fair of the Maldives and expected to reach millions of travellers across the globe, the one-month virtual event offers the opportunity for participants to experience the Maldives from the comfort of their homes and book their dream holiday at the best rates.

“This fair will feature over 1,000 virtual tours from 50 different islands across the country including resorts and local islands,” according to the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation. “The 360 tours in the website allows people to explore all aspects of the destination. These tours also support virtual reality headsets which will allow visitors to experience Maldives in the most realistic way from anywhere in the world.” 

All visitors can participate in the giveaway lucky draw by filling in the lucky draw coupon. The winner of the Grand Prize by Trans Maldivian Airways will be treated to a 12-hour seaplane ride. The tour covers more than 700 Islands in 13 atolls with stops for guests to hop onto an island to explore and enjoy some refreshments. TMA – the largest seaplane operators in the world – will also take the grand prize winner to Addu City in the southernmost atoll.

In addition to the Grand Prize, 50 free holidays to the Maldives are also on offer for other lucky draw winners.