Huvafen Fushi partners with renowned artist to celebrate Maldives tourism golden jubilee

4 mins read

French artist Lucas Beaufort has taken up residency at Huvafen Fushi Resort for a multi-work painting programme to celebrate the golden jubilee of tourism in the Maldives.

A world-renowned painter, illustrator, filmmaker, and photographer, Beaufort’s new artistic project ‘Beyond’ aims to share the colours and atmosphere of unique places, beginning with the Maldives as the country marks the 50th anniversary of tourism. 

After dedicating a private artwork to the resort in 2018, Bueufort returned to Huvafen Fushi to draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the ‘dream island’ during his stay from 1 to 8 August. Beaufort’s work for ‘Beyond’ will be revealed as an exhibition and presented on his website. His second painting at Huvafen Fushi will also be shared with the press and the travel community around the world.  

“Between living and dreaming, you’ll find Huvafen Fushi! The resort was like a revelation on my last trip  here; my inspiration was immediate in discovering the unique colours and design and the vibes and light are so unique,” Beaufort explained. 

“I was  able to dedicate to Huvafen Fushi a work that is exhibited in their Avant-garde-designed Beach Pavilion. This idyllic resort,  surrounded by a translucent lagoon, depicts the luxury of freedom in symbiosis with nature, where everything seems easy  and the Maldivian welcome – warm and discreet, knows how to transmit world-class hospitality and tranquility. I am very  happy to collaborate once again with Huvafen Fushi and MMPRC to commence this project.”

Noël Cameron, General Manager at Huvafen Fushi, said: “Lucas was  able to create the first masterful work that signs the spirit of Huvafen Fushi. He knows our footprint in the Maldives, and we  are delighted that he returns to us; to be inspired for the first stage of his next project – Beyond, which will celebrate 50 years  of tourism in this beautiful country. It is a pleasure and honor to be a part of the collaboration, along with MMPRC and have  not just one but two pieces of Lucas’ unique art at Huvafen Fushi.”

Commending Beaufort and Huvafen Fushi for the project, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation CEO Thoyyib Mohamed observed: “Ours is a magical destination, providing inspiration and a serene setting for talented artists from  all over the world to pause, ponder, and create. The Maldives’ name is synonymous with words such as paradise, sunny side  of life, heaven on earth, and has been the inspiration for countless pieces of timeless art by local and international talents.  

“Nature takes center stage here, perfect for inspiring artistic creativity through our golden sunrises and cotton candy sunsets,  vast stretches of blue-on-blue skies, crystalline seas with a world of magnificent colors, flora and fauna. It is a pleasure for  us to have Lucas here in the Maldives for this incredible project, and what better time than now- the year we mark our  golden jubilee of tourism too. I want to thank Huvafen Fushi for co-organizing this project with Lucas. We, at Visit Maldives,  are proud to be part of this project, we know it’s going to be marvelous in every sense, and we look forward to providing  such opportunities for all types of artists in the Maldives in the future too.”