Marketing campaign launched with leading Indonesian travel agency

2 mins read

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation initiated a three-month digital marketing campaign on 25 August with leading Indonesian online travel agency Traveloka, aiming to maintain brand presence and promote the Maldives as a top destination for the Southeast Asian market

A unicorn company with a strong presence in the wider Southeast Asian and Australian markets, Traveloka’s app has been downloaded over 60 million times with over 40 million monthly active users. The agency covers 200,000 domestic and international flight routes from over 150 airlines.

“Through this campaign, digital ads will be advertised on Traveloka’s Facebook, Instagram, and Google and a digital banner will be showcased on Traveloka’s In-App homepage feed,” the MMPRC explained.

“A landing page showcasing the beauty of the Maldives, push notifications, and an incentive coupon will also be given out during the campaign. Traveloka will also publish digital articles highlighting the Maldives as a leading destination, along with publishing one video.”

The campaign will emphasise the safety of the destination by highlighting the geography of the country’s scattered islands. The main tourism products – resorts, hotels, guesthouses, liveaboards – will be promoted along with the unique experiences on offer.

The Maldives welcomed 22,181 tourists from Southeast Asia this year as of 17 August. Other activities targeting the growing market include joint marketing campaigns with major stakeholders, outdoor advertising campaigns, participation in fairs, hosting webinars, E-Learning programs and other events. The MMPRC plans to participate in more fairs and exhibitions and conduct roadshows during the final quarters of 2022.